How to Fish in Sea of Stars

Learn the basics of fishing in Sea of Stars!

by Marc Magrini
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There’s more to do in Sea of Stars than to simply battle and survive. Players can enjoy a variety of more peaceful activities such as cooking, exploring, and even fishing. Unfortunately, while Sea of Stars allows players to fish, it doesn’t quite explain the mechanics. Players will need to learn how fishing works in this RPG if they want an easy source of seafood and cash.

How to Easily Get Fish in Sea of Stars

Throughout the game, there are multiple designated fishing spots. These spots consist of a long pond with multiple fish-shaped shadows within, giving you an idea of what you can catch. Trying to cast your line will send it far down the lake and high into the air. To lower the line yourself, you’ll have to press the Interact button, preferably above the shadow of a fish.

When a fish grabs hold of your line, you’ll need to reel it in by holding the interact button. Reel it carelessly, though, and the line will break, leaving you without your catch. You’ll need to steer the fish into the “stream” that appears and keep it in that zone as you hold the reel button. When the fish reaches your character, you’ll be able to pull it in and claim it as your own!

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There are some other tricks to fishing that will become more relevant as you head deeper into the game. You can jump into the fishing ponds to chase fish closer to shore, allowing you to spend less time reeling them in. You can also stun certain fish by rapidly pressing the reel button as they jump out of the water. Just keep putting time into your fishing and you’ll have plenty of resources to both sell and cook at your leisure!

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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