How to Fix Alan Wake 2 Audio Issues

If you are having audio issues in Alan Wake 2, this is the guide for you.

by Christian Bognar
How to Fix Audio Issues for Alan Wake 2
Image: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2’s scary, and thriller experience boils down to its fantastic audio design. This is why you need it working at maximum potential, so read further to learn how to fix audio issues in Alan Wake 2.

Fix to Alan Wake 2 Audio Issues

If you are playing the game on PC and PlayStation, the easiest way to fix audio issues for Alan Wake 2 is to restart your system, which has been the main solution for players.

As for Xbox, where the audio problems seem more prevalent, the fix relies on the actual Xbox Audio Settings. Head into Xbox Audio Settings from the main home page for your Xbox, and change the settings to Stereo Uncompressed. This should resolve the issue.

Another method to try is to play the game with headphones or switch to the television speakers, depending on which you are currently using. If you use headphones, try your TV speakers, and vice versa.

If the audio issues persist, keep restarting your console until they are fixed. These issues are really rare, and there’s not much more to do at the moment until Remedy Entertainment addresses the problems.

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What is the Cause for Audio Issues in Alan Wake 2?

There is no confirmation on what is causing the audio issues for Alan Wake 2. The best guess we can make now is that there is a bug in the system that has yet to be addressed by the developers. As we wait patiently for more information from Remedy, the only thing we can do now is follow the steps mentioned previously in this guide.

If the audio issues are unbearable for you, and you can’t enjoy the experience, your next best bet is to contact the Remedy Entertainment support team. We have linked the official contact page for the developers in this guide, where you can submit a ticket and wait patiently for them to get back to you with a fix.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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