How to Fix Final Fantasy 16 Overheating on PS5

Are you encountering Final Fantasy XVI overheating on PlayStation 5?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XVI has many breathtaking sights/encounters to take in and when you are enjoying those moments the last thing you’d like to happen is for your console to start overheating. Well, some players have run into that issue so fixing it will be of the utmost priority before delving into everything again. This article will take you through how to stop Final Fantasy XVI overheating on PlayStation 5.

Method to Stop Final Fantasy 16 Overheating On PlayStation 5

In order to stop Final Fantasy XVI from overheating your console, we would recommend switching your “Game Performance” setting to “Frame Rate” instead of “Graphics”. This will prioritize a smoother frame rate and in turn, it will of course reduce the amount of resources that are required at any given moment in the game. This will likely stop the overheating issues you were having with the console from continuing onwards. We have listed the exact steps for performing this fix below.

  1. Open up the settings by pressing the options button (top-right button next to the touchpad).
  2. Scroll along the tabs by pressing R1 until you reach “Graphics Settings”.
  3. Go to “Game Performance” and then move the left stick right to change the “Graphics” setting to “Frame Rate”.

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If that method didn’t fix the overheating then the best thing to do is boot up the game again (remember to save!) after fully restarting the console. Let the PlayStation 5 cool down for at least half an hour to an hour before starting it back up again. After this point, you can start playing again and you shouldn’t encounter issues for a while.

Another way that is sure to help with any general overheating of the PlayStation 5 is one of the most obvious fixes, cleaning the vents/fans on the console. Use a soft duster or cloth for removing any dust from the side of the vents and underneath the top faceplate if you wish — it is highly likely you have clogged up dust if you haven’t cleaned it for a while. Clean the console while it is OFF, do not clean it while on: this is for safety.

Why Does Final Fantasy 16 Overheat the PlayStation 5?

There are a lot of high-intensity moments in Final Fantasy XVI that require a lot of resources and lots of reports mention boss fights causing the most overheating. It is a possibility that the developers may look into this issue to stop any overheating as possible. For the time being, the best method is the general console fan cleaning and frame-rate setting switch.

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Now that you know how to stop Final Fantasy XVI from overheating, you can get back into the story of the game and enjoy your experience.

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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