How to Fix Payday 3 Can’t Log in Error

Here's how to address the Can't Log In error in Payday 3!

by J.R. Waugh
Payday 3 Can't Log In Error
Image: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 is the latest hot multiplayer game to dig into with your friends whether you’re on PC or next-gen consoles. The series has always had a pretty stellar, high-octane premise: you’re running heists, and if things go wrong, they can go chaotic with a neverending horde of law enforcement on your tail. While you don’t want the heist to go wrong from the get-go, you also don’t want trouble before you even get into gameplay. Here’s how to fix or address any errors where you can’t log in to Payday 3!

Can’t Log In to Payday 3: Here’s How to Fix Registration and Authentication Error

If you are currently seeing a “can’t log in”, “network error” or “something went wrong” error on the Payday 3 Nebula client, check updownradar’s user data to see if you’re not the only one. Additionally, Payday 3 has a dedicated Twitter account and regularly updates the players with any errors going on. Even on the first day after launching they acknowledged the error promptly:

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So the best solution is to simply wait for updates from the developers. For many players, this will halt their progress getting started in the game, as they won’t even be able to register for an account until this issue resolves itself. Updownradar will show how many reported issues there are at a given time, so large spikes can often be reassuring for players who are concerned that it’s not working.

If there is not anything showing up on either resource, consider the following:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart your modem/router
  • Verify, repair, or reinstall your game (the last recommended measure, as this one can be a lengthy process)

Nobody likes errors when it comes to big multiplatform releases like Payday 3, but when it makes you unable to log in, the best solution is often to wait and check for subsequent updates.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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