How to Get a Blaster in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal's new blaster stance is one of the coolest in the game.

by Diego Perez
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While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wants to sell players the experience of being a powerful lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knight, there’s a little something in there for those who are scoundrels at heart. If guns are more your speed, then you’ll be happy to know that Cal can unlock a dedicated Blaster Stance that allows him to dual-wield a lightsaber and blaster. It’s one of the coolest combat styles in the game, and thankfully, you don’t have to play too long to get access to it.

How to Unlock Blaster Stance in Jedi Survivor

Like the other Stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Blaster Stance is acquired automatically by progressing through the main story. You’ll unlock it on the game’s second planet, Jedha, after Cal reunites with his old friend Cere. From there, Cal will have to leave Jedha to continue his journey, and his mercenary friend Bode will lend him a spare blaster as a parting gift.

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That’s how you unlock Blaster Stance! From there, you can equip it at any Meditation Point. Remember, you can only have two active Combat Stances at a time, so you’ll have to decide between Blaster Stance and the other three styles you have unlocked at this point. You’ll get access to Cal’s final new Combat Stance shortly after too, so you’ll have to make some serious choices about your skill point investments.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In Blaster Stance, you can fire your blaster by pressing Triangle/Y on your controller. The blaster only has a limited amount of ammo — depicted by a blue meter on the left side of the screen above your health bar — but you can regenerate ammunition by attacking enemies with your lightsaber. There are a few neat tricks you can learn by investing skill points into the Blaster Stance skill tree too, like being able to parry attacks with a well-timed blaster shot or lock onto a row of enemies for a quickdraw flurry.

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