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How to Get All Agent Gadgets in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Turn Kiryu into the greatest secret agent in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

Players looking to make the most of Kiryu’s new style should learn when they can get all Agent Gadgets in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

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The new Agent Gadgets in this title allow Kiryu to use a fighting style unlike any other. Each gadget gives him a varying level of control during horde battles, letting him take out hundreds of enemies with hardly any effort. Getting all gadgets in Like a Dragon Gaiden is a simple task, but it will take some time before you can make full use of each one.

Locations of All Gadgets in Like a Dragon Gaiden

While Kiryu starts with the Spider gadget already unlocked at the very start of the game, there are three more that must be obtained later on. The Hornet gadget and the Firefly gadget are both unlocked early on in chapter 2 as part of the main story. Akame will eventually direct you towards a black market dealer that provides the Hornet gadget, and he’ll direct you to a lady providing the Firefly gadget. The Serpent gadget is unlocked much later in chapter 2, not long after making your attempt to rescue Hanawa.

Each gadget has room for upgrades found in the “Upgrade Abilities” section of the pause menu. You’ll be able to improve the gadgets upon obtaining them and during certain events involving the aforementioned black market dealer. These events will eventually require a Platinum Rank in the Coliseum on top of some devastating arena matches. To make the most out of the Agent style, you’ll have to complete these matches, so don’t skimp out on improving your teammates and preparing for item-less combat.

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Despite appearances, changing your outfit will not make you lose access to any of these gadgets. As long as you’re in Agent style, each of them will be available at any point during battle. You only need to concern yourself with further upgrades for them, as you’ll be able to unlock more through the Coliseum and Akame’s side content.

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