How to Sing Karaoke in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Check out the songs available in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

by Marc Magrini
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Like most other games in the franchise, Like a Dragon Gaiden allows players to sing karaoke songs — if they know where to go.

Karaoke returns in full force with this title, featuring some of the most beloved songs from the series up to this point. It doesn’t take long for a player to see the full song list for themselves, but they might not know where they can enjoy this beloved feature. Karaoke becomes available relatively early on in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but not everything about it is unlocked immediately.

Where Players can Sing Karaoke in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Karaoke is available in Bar New Momoko in Sotenbori, found at the southwestern portion of the map. You can access it as early as the start of Chapter 2, making it available relatively early in the game. All songs are sung by Kiryu except for one, and two of the songs don’t receive their special cinematic scenes when singing alone. In total, there are six songs for players to enjoy.

These are the songs available in Like a Dragon Gaiden:

  • Baka Mitai — Returns from previous entries. Specifically, this version is the same one from Yakuza 0 and Kiwami. It features a new picture during its cinematic that also calls back to these previous entries.
  • Hands — Returns from Yakuza 6. Like in that game, it is not shortened, making it the longest karaoke song available.
  • TONIGHT — Returns from Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and Yakuza 6. The cinematics are newly rendered for this game, but they do not appear unless you sing with Akame after bonding with her once.
  • Sayonara, Silent Night — A new song appearing only in this game. You are required to sing this song at least once as part of the main story.
  • Shin Ichizu Samurai — A new rendition of the unique song added in the Ishin! remake.
  • Like a Butterfly — Returns from Yakuza 6, Kiwami, and Like a Dragon. This is the only song that allows for backup. This track is sung by Akame when you invite her for karaoke, which also happens to be the only way you can see this song’s special cinematic scene.

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In addition to these songs, you’ll get access to three more when playing the special trial version of Infinite Wealth:

  • Hell Stew — Sung by Ichiban, returning from Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Features the cast from that game during this song’s special cinematic scene, making it functionally unchanged.
  • Judgement -Shinpan- — Sung by Kiryu, returning from Yakuza 0. In the special cinematic scene, Ichiban takes Nishiki’s place while the Revolve bartender takes Kashiwagi’s place.
  • Honolulu City Lights — Sung by Fujinomiya. This is a new song unique to Infinite Wealth. Players can’t access this song during the Story Demo of Infinite Wealth, instead only gaining access to it during the Hawaii Demo.

There will likely be more songs to see in Infinite Wealth. For now, enjoy the returning and new tracks found in Gaiden and aim for a perfect score in all of them!

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