Where to Sing Karaoke in Like a Dragon Ishin: Location and Full Song List

Where is the fan-favorite minigame located in this long-awaited remake?

by Marc Magrini
Image: SEGA

Like a Dragon: Ishin! has many activities for players to enjoy. While most will find themselves invested in the main story and many humorous side-stories, there are also fun minigames that can be discovered throughout Kyo. This includes the fan-favorite karaoke, better known as Singing in this title. Any fan of previous Yakuza titles would surely want to know where to sing karaoke as well as the full song list in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Where and When Players can Sing Karaoke in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Singing in Ishin will become available during Chapter 2. The location is Utamaruya in northern Fushimi, and it’s one of the first locations available when the player arrives at Kyo. As they play through the game, players will also gain the opportunity to sing variants of songs with other characters they meet. This will occur after befriending them in the main story with the exception of Haruka, who will sing alongside you after you pay off her debt.

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Full Song List for Like a Dragon: Ishin!

All of the songs available for Ishin are:

  • Iji Sakura (Fighting Sakura) — Sung by Ryoma.
  • Harapeko Biyori (A Fine Day for Food) — Interjections by Ryoma, optionally sung by Haruka.
  • Asura Komachi (Asura’s Beloved) — Interjections by Ryoma, optionally sung by Ikumatsu.
  • Samurai Ondo (Dirge of the Warrior) — Interjections by Ryoma, optionally sung by Okita.
  • Kokyu ni Nishiki o Kazaru Beshi (In Glory I’ll Return) — Interjections by Ryoma, optionally sung by Nagakura.
  • Baka Mitai (I’ve Been a Fool) — Sung by Ryoma. This is a new version of the song added for this remake that wasn’t in the original.
  • Ichizu Samurai (Truehearted Samurai) — Sung by Ryoma. This is an entirely new song that wasn’t in any previous game.

Completing the game won’t grant you access to any new songs, but it will give you the widest range of optional singers. Optional singers will provide extra visuals and — in the case of Okita — entirely new Japanese lyrics. You can sing with friends by checking to see if they’re sitting at tables in Utamaruya. If they are, talk to them and enjoy the full extent of Ishin’s song selection!

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023