Who Ate the Mochi in Like a Dragon: Ishin? Mochi Mystery Substory Guide

Can you figure out which suspects are the mochi moochers?

by Marc Magrini
Who Ate the Mochi in Like a Dragon Ishin? Mochi Mystery Substory Guide
Image: SEGA

Like a Dragon: Ishin! has many ordeals that players must face. While many of these ordeals involve harrowing story battles and possible performance issues, many players might also come across more self-contained conflicts in substories. One particular story will pit the player against snack-stealers trying to cover their tracks from their unknowing boss. Learn who the culprits are and get to the bottom of this mochi mystery in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Who Caused the Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Answered

The answer might not be obvious at first outside of a certain suspect, but when you put everything together, all statements line up except for two. Higashihara and Minamino are the true culprits, and they’ll admit to the deed when they’re accused.

In case you haven’t found this substory yet, you’ll need to complete some of the early chapters first. You’ll eventually gain access to Rakunai, found in the northern section of Kyo. The Mochi Mystery Substory is just north of the blacksmith. You should easily be able to find it by looking for a group of men huddled around a corner.

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You’ll be tasked with hearing the stories of five different suspects to determine who took another man’s mochi. Each one will give a different story, so you’ll have to pay attention to the names and accusations they give.

  • Higashihara claims the culprit must be Kitajima.
  • Nishiyama claims the culprit is Higashihara, Minamino, or both.
  • Nakagawa claims Minamino must be the culprit while also stating that Nishiyama is innocent.
  • Minamino claims it was Nishiyama that ate the mochi.
  • Kitajima thinks the culprit is either Nakagawa or Minamino but claims it can’t be both.

Unlike many other substories in the game, you won’t need to complete a battle after making the accusations. This might be disappointing for players wishing to test out their new Trooper Cards, but it also makes this mochi mystery a perfect substory to complete if you’re low on healing items.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023