How to Get Blueprints in Moonstone Island

Find the blueprints to your perfectly crafted life.

by Alex Huebner
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Craft all kinds of adorable items to put into your Moonstone Island home with the help of the blueprints. Most of the things you can craft in the game are hidden, waiting for you to discover them. Here are a few ways to get blueprints in Moonstone Island.

How to Use a Blueprint

With the blueprints in Moonstone Island, you can craft different stations and decor. When you pick up a blueprint, it’s automatically added to your crafting menu. This menu is found in the pause menu, the second tab from the left that looks like a hammer. Highlight the item you’re looking to create and below the menu you’ll see which materials you need and how many of them you already have. When you’re ready, select the Craft command shown in the bottom right of the screen. Move the item into your inventory bar and highlight it to place it.

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Obtain Blueprints by Mining

When breaking rocks, you will find the occasional drop of a blue piece of paper on the ground that you can pick up. These are the blueprints and are randomly placed throughout the world. You can also find these in chests, often found in underground mines and Dungeons by approaching the chest and selecting Open then picking up the contents.

Purchase Blueprints

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can also gather blueprints by buying them from certain shops. For example, I found the workshop has the option to purchase a random blueprint as well as some specific pieces you can get blueprints for, including home expansions.

Complete Journal Quests

As you talk with the people on Moonstone Island, they will give you tasks you can complete. Some of them will reward you with new recipes of things you can make. The earliest example I found of this is talking with Ferra, the blacksmith. She asks you to sell her three copper ore and rewards you with a Furnace recipe so you can make her iron ingots, then gifts you with an Anvil recipe.

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