How to Tame Wild Spirits in Moonstone Island

The green flag to growing the perfect team.

by Alex Huebner
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While Moonstone Island has many fun aspects to the game, one of the most prominent is collecting and battling wild Spirits. In order to grow your collection of creatures, you’ll need to know how to tame wild spirits in Moonstone Island. Once you have the steps down you should be running into quite a few unique creatures ready for you to bring them into your team.

How to Tame Wild Spirits in Moonstone Island

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In the tutorial area of the game with your parents, your father asks you to grab the Flag Flowers nearby and says they’re good for taming wild spirits. You also are shown how to feed your Spirit to improve their HP. However, it doesn’t necessarily explain that you can also feed the opposing Spirit. Within the battle menu, there is a Feed option. If you have Flag Flowers in your inventory, you can go to them and hit Use and feed it to the Spirit. This will tame the Spirit and you can choose to add them to your team or let them go.

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Spirits are kept within the Medallion you get from your mother in the beginning. There is only room for three, so choose wisely when you’re starting out. After a little while, you will be given a quest that will grant you a barn to keep additional Spirits inside of.

How to Find Wild Spirits in Moonstone Island

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In the starting area of the game, there aren’t many wild Spirits to be found. But, if you complete one of the early quests to create and use a balloon, you can get to floating islands and activate the arches there. After you do, there will be a few Spirits that randomly spawn as you explore. This is only one way to find the many Spirits the game boasts.

How to Find Dungeons in Moonstone Island

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Another way to find wild Spirits in Moonstone Island is to enter the dungeons. These are not openly available but instead are found. Occasionally you will find a rock that, when destroyed with a hammer, reveals a hole with a ladder inside. These are the dungeons. Not only are these good places to gather wild Spirits, but also to gather ore and other mineral materials.

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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