How to Get Caliban in Warframe

Here's how to get the latest Warframe, Caliban, including crafting requirements!

by Elliott Gatica

Caliban is the 48th unique Warframe to be released in the game. Being the new Warframe, players are definitely going to want to get their hands on it and play with it. Usually, with a new update, the newest modes will introduce a way to get the new frame. Here is how you can get Caliban in Warframe.

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How to get Caliban in Warframe

Caliban can be obtained after completing The New War quest. That’s roughly a 5-hour commitment in seeing it through. After the quest, his blueprint can be bought with credits in the shop.

As for the rest of his parts like the chassis, neuroptics, and systems, they can be obtained in Narmer Bounties. These bounties can be played upon the completion of the New War as well, which conveniently enough also gives you the Nataruk. The difficulty on the bounties is slightly higher compared to the Tier 5 levels, but not as hard as the Steel Path selections.


The bounties are accessed on either Fortuna or Cetus. Their timings are a bit peculiar, as you have to base their rotations based on the time of day on Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon. To take on Narmer Bounties at the Plains of Eidolon, it has to be daytime. However, for Narmer Bounties to take place on Fortuna and the Orb Vallis, it has to be nighttime on the Plains.

All of Caliban’s parts are Uncommon rewards, giving you a better chance to receive them per bounty level completed. Unfortunately, the chances of the other Caliban parts appearing in the drop tables depend on when they rotate between planets. If you see the chassis on rotation for one place, you’ll have to wait and hope that when the Narmer Bounties move, another part is offered in the process.

Caliban Crafting Requirements

  • Caliban (Warframe)
    • Caliban Chassis (Fully crafted)
    • Caliban Neuroptics (Fully crafted)
    • Caliban Systems (Fully crafted)
    • 12 Orokin Cells
  • Caliban Chassis
    • 3 Anomaly Shards
    • 16 Narmer Isoplasts
    • 20 Mortus Horn
    • 100 Hespazym Alloy
  • Caliban Neuroptics
    • 3 Anomaly Shards
    • 12 Narmer Isoplasts
    • 10 Neutral Sensors
    • 20 Tralok Eyes
  • Caliban Systems
    • 3 Anomaly Shards
    • 12 Narmer Isoplasts
    • 30 Breath of the Eidolon
    • 30 Hexenon


Each part will take 12 hours to craft while the final part takes 72.

Alternatively, you can buy Caliban in the market for 325 Platinum. He’ll come fully built with a slot and an Orokin Reactor installed, allowing for double modding points from the getgo. He is also part of the Caliban Collection, a more premium bundle that comes with his signature weapon, Venato, and Sentient-themed cosmetics. That is priced at 595 Platinum.

Warframe is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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