How to Get Comprehension Charm in WoW Season of Discovery

Check out how to get Comprehension Charms in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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If you plan on unleashing your full potential as a Mage in Wow Classic Season of Discovery, having a Comprehension Charm always at the ready is a must, as the item can be used to translate Scrolls, and more importantly, the Spell Notes you are bound to find in your travels.

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But where can you get the charms? Here are all the ways to get Comprehension Charms in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

How to Get Comprehension Charm in World of Warcraft SoD

You can get Comprehension Charms in World of Warcraft Classic by completing main quests as a Mage, exchanging rare books with Librarians, and purchasing them from various Reagent Vendors and a few Arcane ones.

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No matter your vendor of choice, each Comprehension Charm in WoW SoD will cost you 7 Silver Coins. Some vendors may also allow you to buy the Charms for 36 Bronze or 1 Gold.

WoW Season of Discovery Comprehension Charm Vendor Locations

For Alliance players, Stormwind City’s Brother Cassius and Kyra Boucher, Darnassus’ Cyroen, and Ironforge’s Barim Jurgenstaad are all confirmed to sell Comprehension Charms. You can check out the exact location of each of them below:

  • Kyra Boucher (Stormwind City): This can be found under the coordinates 56.2 and 65.0 in the Trade District.
  • Brother Cassius (Stormwind City): Can be found on the Catedral Square —coordinates 43.2 and 26.7.
  • Cyroen (Darnassus): Can be found on Cenarion Enclave, under the coordinates 34.3 and 9.8.
  • Barim Jurgenstaad (Ironforge): Can be found on The Commons, under the coordinates 19.7 and 56.2.

Horde players can also find Comprehension Charm Vendors in all major capitals. Among them, I was able to confirm that Horthus in Orgrimmar, Hannah Akeley and Thomas Mordan on the Undercity, and Chepi on Thunder Bluff all have the item in their stock. You can check out the exact location of each of them below.

  • Horthus (Orgrimmar): This can be found by heading to the northmost portion of the Valley of Strength, under the coordinates 45.6 and 56.8.
  • Hannah Akeley (Undercity): Can be found on the Magic Quarter, under the coordinates 82 and 16.
  • Thomas Mordan (Undercirty): Can be found on the center of the map, under the coordinates 69.8 and 39.4,
  • Chepi (Thunder Bluff): Will be in constant movement and can be found circulating the large pond located on the City’s first floor.

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- This article was updated on December 4th, 2023

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