How to Get Deviate Scale Belt in WoW Season of Discovery

Spoiler Alert: You will need to craft it

by Davi Braid

In this guide, we will guide you through the process of how to get the Deviate Scale Belt in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

Where to Find the Deviate Scale Belt in World of Warcraft SoD

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To get the belt, you need to craft it. To do so, you need the required materials, the recipe, and a high Leatherworking skill. Let’s break it down.

Materials Needed

To craft the Deviate Scale Belt, you will need the following materials:

  • Deviate Scale x10
  • Perfect Deviate Scale x10
  • Fine Thread x2

Acquiring the Recipe

The recipe known as Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt, is required to craft this item. This pattern teaches you how to craft a Deviate Scale Belt and requires a Leatherworking skill of 115.

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You can acquire this recipe as a reward from the quest “Deviate Eradication.” Ebru, an NPC located in the Wailing Caverns, is the character who gives you this quest. Upon completion of the quest, you can choose the Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt as a reward. In order to complete the quest, you must eliminate the following creatures:

  • 7 Deviate Ravagers
  • 7 Deviate Vipers
  • 7 Deviate Shamblers
  • 7 Deviate Dreadfangs.

The Perfect Deviate Scales you need for the recipe are best acquired by completing the Wailing Caverns, as we mentioned above. Each time you complete this, you’ll have a chance of getting between up to three of the scales and it’ll probably take you around 30 minutes to complete each time. As such, you’re going to need to grind the Wailing Caves for at least an hour and a half, maybe more, in order to get the 10 Perfect Deviate Scales you need for the belt.

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Crafting the Belt

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials and acquired the recipe, you can use your Leatherworking skills to craft the Deviate Scale Belt.

What is the Deviate Scale Belt?

The Deviate Scale Belt is a leather waist armor that provides 51 Armor, +6 Stamina, +5 Agility, and +3 Spirit. It requires Level 18 to equip.

If you’ve no need for the Deviate Scale Belt after a while, you can sell it for six silver and 58 copper.

Note on the Season of Discovery

The Season of Discovery introduces changes to the Classic World of Warcraft meta, including lower-level caps. This affects what items you can craft and use. For the Leatherworking profession, this means you’ll be crafting many lower-level recipes that are typically only useful for leveling up your skill. The first phase of the Season of Discovery has a level cap of 25 and a level 26 requirement for Expert skills. This means the maximum skill you can reach with professions is Journeyman, or skill level 150.

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2023

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