How to get Fertilizer in LEGO Fortnite

Learn how to find fertilizer in Lego Fortnite!

by Drew Kopp
Image: Epic Games

Fertilizer is one of the most essential resources in Lego Fortnite, but you won’t be able to find it by just exploring your new, brickified surroundings. Here’s how to find Fertilizer in Lego Fortnite and a round-up of everything you can use it for.

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Where Can You Find Fertilizer in Lego Fortnite

If you know anything about how fertilizer works in the real world, you might be able to deduce where to find it in Lego Fortnite. To get some fertilizer, you must find and pet one of the many LEGO animals roaming your island. To do this, click the Interaction (F) key once you’re close enough to an animal for an interaction prompt to appear.

Once you’ve petted an animal, there is a chance that fertilizer will spawn next to them. The fertilizer will look like a small, brown ball, and the fact that you get it from an animal correlates pretty well with how fertilizer is produced in real life.

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Unfortunately, fertilizer is just one of several resources that can be spawned by interacting with animals, so you may need to pet your new furry friend a few times to get some fertilizer. However, since the animals in Lego Fortnite are adorable, I doubt that will be much of a chore.

How to Use Fertilizer in Lego Fortnite

One of the many exciting new features introduced in Lego Fortnite is an extensive agriculture system that allows you to create and manage a farm. As an avid gardener, I can say with authority that fertilizer is the heart and soul of a healthy farm, and you’ll need a lot of it to sow the seeds of your dream farm in Lego Fortnite.

Once you’ve gotten some fertilizer, return to your home base and enter your inventory. Select the fertilizer to turn a barren scrap of land into a patch of fertile ground. From here, you can plant one of the many types of seeds you can find in the soil and start growing some crops. Not only can the fruit of your labor be used to stave off starvation, but you can also use them to lure animals to your base and get to work making a petting zoo!

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2023

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