How to Get Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder

Learn how to get Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder.

by Christian Bognar
Halcyon Orbs Wayfinder
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Crafting weapons and items is essential in Wayfinder. Players can create incredible builds through the game’s crafting system if they find the proper materials out in the world. Halcyon Orbs are extremely rare to come by, but the top weapons require it for them to be crafted. This guide will cover how to get Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder.

Where to Find Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder

Players can get Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder by participating in Orbits Events. Orbit Events randomly spawn throughout dungeons and the overworld, but be aware they are scarce. Orbital Events generally involve the player solving a unique puzzle or opening a chest. For example, in the first dungeon, I encountered an Orbital Event that required opening up a treasure chest by stepping on platforms in a specific order.

When you encounter an Orbital Event, the game will notify you on the top of the screen, reading “Orbital” with an explanation of the puzzle. Some of these puzzles are very complex, but that makes sense, considering the rewards are Halcyon Orbs, which are used to create the best weapons in the game.

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The best way to find Orbital Events is simply by playing the game as usual. Explore all the dungeons you can as thoroughly as possible, and you, more likely than not, will find an Orbital Event ready for you to solve. In the meantime, make sure to craft other weapons that don’t require Halcyon Orbs, as there is a ton to choose from, and improving your weapons is critical to make it further into the game.

When you find enough Halcyon Orbs for the weapon you have in mind, make your way to the Arsenal in Skylight. I recommend crafting Radiant Dawn, one of the best choices for a Sword and Shield early in the game. This is, of course, if that is the type of playstyle you’re going for.

- This article was updated on August 24th, 2023

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