How to Get Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

How do you get crafting materials in Mirage?

by Diego Perez
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Even though Assassin’s Creed Mirage mostly steps away from the RPG mechanics and gear progression of Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla, you’ll still be spending a decent chunk of time upgrading Basim’s gear and weapons as you hunt down members of the Order throughout Baghdad. Each of Basim’s weapons, outfits, and tools shares the same upgrade materials: Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components.

These are easy to stock up on without even knowing since most of Mirage’s activities will give them to you in spades, but they tend to dry up when you really need them. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get more Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components in Assassin’s Creed Mirage so you can upgrade your gear and continue with the main story, climbing the ranks of the Assassin Brotherhood until you reach the top.

How to Get Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components in AC Mirage

Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components are awarded for every major activity in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Every single chest in the game will give you at least some, and quests will typically give you dozens of each along with other unique rewards. If you’re in need of Leather, Steel Ingots, or Components, try these methods to stock up fast.

Buy Them From Traders

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Buying the materials from Traders is the easiest way to get them, but they’re quite expensive and Basim doesn’t have very many methods to make money in Baghdad early in the game. All Traders, marked with a white bag icon, sell each of the three crafting components for a few Dirhams each. If you need some extra cash, make sure to sell your Trinkets and pickpocket whoever you can while you’re exploring the city.

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Open Resource Chests

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Resource Chests are the best way to get each of the game’s three crafting components. Unlike Gear Chests, which are marked with giant yellow icons on the map, Resource Chests are smaller chests that are highlighted in yellow when using Eagle Vision. Enkidu can also find these chests (marked with tall golden pillars) when they’re nearby. Each one you open should give you a few dozen pieces of Leather, Steel Ingots, and Components at least.

Compete Contracts

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Finally, optional Contracts are a great way to get resources. Obtained from the Contracts Board in any Assassin Bureau throughout Baghdad, these side quests will show you which resources you’ll get as a reward.

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Typically they offer a mixture of all three, but there are bonus Contractor Requests (optional objectives) that will give you even more of them if you follow the listed criteria. This is also a great way to get some Favor Tokens to win over Baghdad’s Scholars, Merchants, and Mercenaries too.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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