How to Get More Umbral Scouring for Molhu in Lords of the Fallen

This guide will cover how to get more Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Molhu Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring
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As you play through Lords of the Fallen, you’ll gather Remembrances from the game’s bosses. These Remembrances can be traded to Molhu for powerful weapons, armor, and spells. In addition to trading the Remembrance, players must also give Molhu Umbral Scouring. This guide will cover how to get more Umbral Scouring for Molhu in Lords of the Fallen.

Where to Find Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can get more Umbral Scouring for Molhu in Lords of the Fallen by interacting with Umbral Stigmas in the Umbral Realm. Stigmas are fragments of past events that occurred in Axiom.

You can tell you’re approaching an Umbral Stigma as they are represented by blue moths in the Axiom Realm. When you approach the blue moths, transition into Umbral, and then use a Soulflay on the Stigma to activate it. Afterward, you will witness a flashback of past life and receive Umbral Scouring.

You don’t have to finish listening to the characters of the past life to receive Umbral Scouring; you can continue on your way, and they will still appear in your inventory.

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After defeating bosses, I have noticed that almost every boss has an Umbral Stigma in the arena you fought. So remember to always transition into the Umbral Realm after a boss to receive the Umbral Scouring from the Stigma.

Usually, an Umbral Stigma will reward you with two Umbral Scourings, although sometimes it’s more. Most Remembrance items at Mohl cost 5 to 10 Umbral Scourings, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble saving up to afford the best items they offer!

I mistakenly sold my Umbral Scourings early in my playthrough due to the amount of Virgo they give in return. I suggest never doing that as the amount of Virgo isn’t worth it, and the items you can receive from them are much more significant and will make you incredibly stronger for later game enemies.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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