How to Get the Crystal Heart Relic in Remnant 2

Learn where to find the Crystal Heart Relic in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Crystal Heart Relic Remnant 2
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Are you looking for the Crystal Heart Relic in Remnant 2? Whether you’re looking to reap the benefits of this item or get the trophy tied to finding ten relics in the game, we have you covered with how to get the Crystal Heart relic in this guide.

Where to Find the Crystal Heart Relic in Remnant 2

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The Crystal Heart Relic can be found in the Dark Conduit section of N’Erud, during the Loose Fuse event. If you don’t have the Dark Conduit as an option in your playthrough of Remnant 2, feel free to reroll your game in Adventure Mode until it becomes available.

When you reach the Dark Conduit, navigate the dungeon until you reach a round room in the corner of the map. Check the map below where my yellow marker is located for a reference point.

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While the room is close to the Crystal checkpoint, you won’t be able to go directly there as a locked door is blocking your way. So instead, you will need to make your way through the entire dungeon and work your way around until you reach this specific room.

When you make it to the room, interact with the fuse with the orange light in the machine. After interacting with the fuse and placing it back into its holder, you will get a “Quest Completed” notice.

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Now, you will find a purple glowing item in the next room (directly ahead). This purple glowing item is the Crystal Heart Relic!

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Crystal Heart Relic Effects

The Crystal Heart Relic is a healing item that “regenerates 100% of the user’s maximum Health over 10 seconds. Movement speed is reduced by 50%, and incoming damage is reduced by 25%. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.”

While the relic heals you in full, you won’t be able to dodge quickly, and this could be detrimental, especially in a boss fight. So I recommend only using this relic while exploring dungeons, not during the game challenging bosses. I thought the full healing effect would outweigh the reduction in movement, but I was dead wrong when I got brutally beaten against the first boss I fought when the Crystal Heart was equipped.

- This article was updated on August 3rd, 2023

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