How to Get the M1911 Old Earth Pistol in Starfield

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by Diego Perez
Starfield Old Earth Pistol M1911
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The Settled Systems of Starfield are home to laser-powered weaponry and firearms fitted with all sorts of future tech, but a select set of classic weapons from Earth have remained popular even after humanity has colonized other solar systems. The M1911 — or the Old Earth Pistol as it’s known in Starfield — is one of the best sidearm options even for players that don’t have any points put into the Pistol Certification skill. It’s easy to get, too, as long as you know where to look.

How to Get an M1911 in Starfield

The Old Earth Pistol can be purchased from shops or looted from containers or fallen foes. It can appear in your game as early as level 1, so you don’t need to progress through the story and get stronger to find it like you would have to for the Old Earth Assault Rifle or Old Earth Hunting Rifle. While you can find it in the wild, your best bet is to buy it from a gun store since pirates and Spacers tend to use Starfield’s futuristic weapons instead of Old Earth gear.

Where to Buy an M1911 in Starfield

You can buy an M1911 at any of Starfield’s weapon stores, but they might not all have it in stock. The best place to find an Old Earth Pistol is Akila City on the Akila planet in the Cheyenne system. It’s to the right of Alpha Centauri and Sol on the star map, and you’ll visit the city early in Starfield’s main story.

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There are two gun stores in Akila City — Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms — and they tend to stock Old Earth weapons more commonly than other vendors in my experience. If you don’t have any luck in Akila City, then head to New Atlantis and check out UC Surplus in the Well. That’s the underground district. You can access it via an elevator near the MAST District teleport point.

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How to Steal an M1911 in Starfield

If you’re willing to jump to a new system, then you can steal an Old Earth Pistol right from the start of the game. There’s a large ship called the ECS Constant that you can find in the Poriima system, which is far to the right of Alpha Centauri on the star map. It’s a level 30 system, but that won’t matter since you won’t need to fight anyone right now.

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Hail the ship and then board to speak with the captain and start the First Contact side quest. Don’t worry about it now though, since you’re only here to steal. Head to the ship’s armory and you’ll find a stash of Old Earth weaponry, including some Old Earth Pistols. If you don’t see any, leave the ship and come back later to make the game spawn new guns on the weapon racks.

The guards aboard the ECS Constant are oblivious, so you should be able to snag all of the weapons with ease. If you’re feeling extra lucky, try pickpocketing the ECS Constant safe key off of the captain and unlocking her safe. You’ll find a weapon in there, usually an Old Earth Pistol with some mods, plus some additional rare Earth antiques that you can sell for some easy Credits.

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