How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield | Location and Price

This guide will cover how to get the Narwhal in Starfield and how much it will cost you.

by Christian Bognar
The Narwhal Starfield
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There are tons of ships available to purchase in Starfield, some incredibly massive and cool-looking. One ship, called Narwhal, is a fan favorite as more players are looking to add this bad boy to their fleet. If you are having trouble finding Narwhal, we have you covered. This guide will cover where you can find the Narwhal ship and how many credits it goes for.

Where Can You Purchase the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can purchase the Narwhal in Starfield by visiting the city of Neon in the Volii star system and selecting the planet “Volii Alpha.” On Volii Alpha, you will see Neon as one of the options for landing; make sure to select it for landing.

When you arrive at Neon, continue until you reach the elevator and ride it up to the city. Once at the city, step out of the elevator, take a left, and continue down, past all the stores, until you reach Ryujin Technologies. Ryujin is easy to spot as its inside is painted all red and has glass doors and walls.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Continue into the Ryujin headquarters and ride the elevator up to Taiyo Astroneering. Once here, take a right and then another right down the small stairs and speak to a woman named Veronica. She is a saleswoman for the company and has Narwhal in stock for you to purchase.

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How Much Does Narwhal Cost in Starfield?

Narwhal usually goes for around 450,000 credits. This is a ridiculous amount of credits and will take any player a ton of time and effort to get to that asking price. To make it easier, you can invest skill points into the Commerce skill on the Social skill tree. Doing so will lower the cost of goods throughout the game, including Narwhal, and raise the amount you get for selling goods.

For example, my Narwhal is cheaper and costs 380,000 credits, and I am only in rank 3 for Commerce. Rank 4 will make the Narwhal even cheaper, and even though it’s not by much, it will help you afford it quicker.

Narwhal Stats

You can find all the stats for the Narwha below. The stats represent the asking price, as these show that it is one of the best in the game.

  • Fuel – 560
  • Hull – 2118
  • Shield – 995
  • Cargo Capacity – 1760
  • Crew – 7

Outside of the high stats, Narwhal looks fantastic with a clean mix of blue and white.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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