Starfield Casino Location: Where to Find the Almagest

Learn how to find the Almagest casino in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
The Almagest Starfield
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Have you ever wanted to visit a casino in space? Well, now you can in Starfield. The Almagest is a massive circular space station that houses a giant casino, and despite its enormous size, it can still be challenging to find. The Almagest has rare loot, so you’ll want to get there asap. This guide will explain where to find the Almagest casino location in Starfield.

How to Find the Almagest Casino in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can find the Almagest casino in Starfield by heading to Nesoi in the Olympus star system. If you need help finding Olympus, know it is southeast of Alpha Centauri and New Atlantis.

Once you arrive at Nesoi in Olympus, you will notice a large circular space station floating around. This is the Almagest casino, and if you try to hail it, you won’t get any response, considering it is abandoned. Instead, approach the Almagest and press the dock button when the prompt appears on the screen (within 500 meters of the ship). Once you dock, you can explore the casino as you please. Be careful, though, as you must deal with a handful of hostile enemies on board.

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Almagest Casino Jackpot Location and Combination

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Almagest casino has a jackpot you will want to secure. To find the jackpot, you will want to find a giant safe door on the left side of the casino. Below the safe door, you will find a small air duct to float through (shown in the image provided).

Through the air duct, you will find a chest with contraband and a terminal that grants access to the jackpot backend. The combination for the jackpot is 12, 19, 36, 5. After entering this code, you will get rewarded with 3700 credits! This and the contraband make the Almagest a worthy trip in your Starfield adventure. Remember, since contraband is illegal, you will need to find shielded cargo to avoid scans and bring it onto civilized planets.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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