How to Get the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2 During the Guardian Games

Time to be on the lookout for the Photo Finish shader in Destiny 2!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 players will know about the Guardian Games and without a doubt people will be looking for how to get the Photo Finish shader: since it can blend nicely with the event. Of course, when the Guardian Games are on there are plenty of players who will be focused on just getting the event gear. Nonetheless, for any fashion experts around, we will take you through how to get the Photo Finish shader in Destiny 2.

Getting the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2

In order to get the Photo Finish Shader you will have to acquire it via the Eververse Store that you can find in the Tower. When you spawn in the Tower it will be down on the left-hand side of the courtyard. The Photo Finish shader is purchasable during the Guardian Games but you will have to wait until it is (highly thought to) appear on the week of 16 May.

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The shader will likely cost around 300 bright dust or above. Given the fact that this is one of the most sought-after shaders, there may be a chance it is more bright dust than just 300. Nonetheless, it is definitely still worth the price of Bright Dust needed if you’re looking for a snazzy rustic shader to add to your collection. We certainly think it looks incredibly unique for a guardian’s aesthetic!

Is the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2 Only Available During the Guardian Games?

Yes, you will only be able to get this particular shader while the Guardian Games is in progress — with a possible caveat. Since the shader could of course still be added again by Bungie at different points, there is no absolute definitive answer for if it will appear at other times. It is probable that it will stay on just a Guardian Games weekly rotation.

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We would recommend keeping a close lookout for it during the Guardian Games as it is going to be one of your best chances for getting the shader. There are plenty of shaders that have pretty much been lost to time so it will be worthwhile making sure you don’t miss out on anything if you have the Bright Dust laying around — a tricky resource to gather a lot of anyways!

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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