How to Get the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen

Learn how to get the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Where to find the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen
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Pendants are helpful accessories that can improve your build in Lords of the Fallen. One of the best early-game Pendants players can get is the Princess Sting, which increases damage dealt if the player has a smaller equip load. It’s the perfect Pendant if you plan on creating an agility build. This guide will cover finding the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen.

Where to Find the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen

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Players can find the Princess Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen inside Skyrest while in the Umbral Realm. Start from the back entrance of Skyrest, which you can open with the Skyrest Bridge Key. You can reach this area from the main Vestige if you have already opened the door.

Continue straight through the middle walkway, and once you reach the end, look to the right. There is a gated door on the right-hand side that is locked in the Axiom Realm (right next to the spiral staircase and statues).

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Transition into Umbral to walk through this gated door and then walk over the spine walkway to get to the other side.

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On the left of this small room, you will find an Umbral Belly, which you can Soulflay to have an item fly out. The item that comes out is the Princess Sting Pendant, so pick it up to officially add it to your inventory.

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All Pendants in Lords of the Fallen

There are a total of 22 Pendants players can find while playing Lords of the Fallen. Below is a grid of all the available Pendants and the abilities and buffs they provide for the player.

Cavalry PendantReduce the mana cost of shout sorceries and buff sorceries.
Empyrean PendantIncrease holy damage and holy defence.
Faceless CarvingIncrease wither damage and wither defence.
Hallowed TriptychHoly damage deals additional posture damage.
Hysteria PendantIncreases spellpower.
Inner Serpent PendantDodging reloads your crossbow automatically.
Miner’s PendantGain additional catalyst slots, to a maximum of 5 slots.
Paladin’s PendantIncrease Strength and Endurance attributes.
Pendant of AtrophyUmbral sorceries can be cast with insufficent mana, but at the cost of wither damage.
Pendant of BurdenDeal additional damage for every status effect inflicted upon an enemy.
Pendant of IndurationIncrease physical defence.
Pendant of Infernal OblationDeal additional damage to burning enemies.
Pendant of PartingHas a chance to spawn a mine upon killing an enemy with an attack which deals wither damage.
Pendant of the Blood SunTemporarily increases the damage of sorceries upon killing an enemy. It can stack multiple times.
Princess StingDeal additional damage with a smaller equip load.
Relic of PerpetuationIncrease maximum health.
Rhogar’s DelightIncrease fire damage and fire defence.
Scornful EffigyReduce maximum health but deal additional damage.
Shrunken Skull PendantFully-charged ranged attacks deal additional damage.
Shuja Harmony HoopAfter each spell cast, further spells temporarily deal increased damage. Casting spells from different magic schools further amplifies this effect.
Unbridled FocusReduce the mana cost of channelled sorceries and aura sorceries.
Warrior’s ClawIncrease physical damage and physical defence.

Players can only have one Pendant equipped at a time, considering only one Pendant slot is available. On the other hand, players can have two rings equipped, allowing for their character to become even stronger.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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