How to Get the Remembrance of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen

Learn where to find the Remembrance of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Molhu Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring
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Adyr, the Bereft Exile, is one of the final bosses in Lords of the Fallen, and if you have already defeated him, you may be wondering where to get his Remembrance. This guide will cover where to go to obtain the Remembrance of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen.

Where is the Remembrance of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can get the Remembrance of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen by heading to the Shrine of Adyr at the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard. This Vestige can be found in Fitzroy’s Gorge on the bridge where players fight the Ruiner boss. Transition into the Umbral Realm while on the bridge to reveal a hidden path leading to the Shrine of Adyr.

Upon reaching the Shrine of Adyr, players must Soulflay a Umbral Stigma in front of the Shrine. After Soulflaying the Umbral Stigma, players will be rewarded with the Remembrance of Adyr. Bring the Remembrance back to Molhu in Skyrest to obtain its rewards.

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Adyr Remembrance Rewards in Lords of the Fallen

After giving the Remembrance of Adyr to Molhu in Lords of the Fallen, players can purchase a couple of spells with Umbral Scouring. Check out all the rewards included in the Remembrance of Adyr below.

  • Adyr’s Vengeance (10 Umbral Scouring): A shout sorcery that allows you to utter a curse that causes an affected enemy to explode if killed.
  • Flame Tunnel (free): Surround yourself with a tornado of fire.

The two inferno spells you can obtain from Adyr’s Remembrance are some of the best in the game. I highly recommend acquiring both before entering new game plus, as both Adyr’s Vengeance and Flame Tunnel can be especially helpful when dealing with crowd control.

It’s important to note that players must purchase all the items they want from Remembrances before going into new game plus since it is not carried over. If you don’t obtain the items, you must defeat the bosses and turn in the Remembrances again.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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