How to get Theater Tickets in Genshin Impact

These are weird theater tickets. You can use them to buy a sword.

by Davi Braid
Image: miHoYo

Theater tickets are a special currency in Genshin Impact players can use to unlock various rewards during the Roses and Muskets event. Now that we understand what they are, let’s explore how to obtain them.

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If you’re looking to collect numerous Theater Tickets and trade them for valuable items, such as the Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword, this guide will provide all the information you need to locate Theater Tickets in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Theater Tickets in Genshin Impact

To collect Theater Tickets, players should complete the objectives of the “Rose and Muskets” event, which can be found in the “Festive Events” section of the “Events Overview menu. For instance, the “Thousand-Pace Interdiction Arcminute Sharshooting Zone” scene has a quest called Special Defense that will award you with 50 tickets if you defeat all opponents. Similarly, “Trick Shots, Tricky Lights” award players with 50 tickets if they score 1000 points in “A Stormy Encounter on a Stormier Night.” The process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Open the Events Overview Menu by clicking on the compass-looking icon
  2.  Check the Roses and Muskets event
  3.  Select the Scene and Teleport to its starting point
  4.  Complete its objectives to be awarded Theater Tickets
Image: miHoYo

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Please note that some activities, like “A Stormy Encounter on a Stormier Night,” have three similar objectives, but with varying outcomes and goals. The better you perform, the more rewards you end up getting. For instance, on top of the 50 tickets for scoring 1000 points, you get 30 if you score 2000 points. 

Once you’ve collected 200 Theater Tickets, you can redeem them for a ‘Joyous Gift,’ a 4-star Claymore also known as the “Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword.” On top of tickets, there are other rewards that players can earn after completing the objectives of the many scenes in this event, such as Primogem, Film for Fun, and even Mystic Enhancement Ore.

- This article was updated on December 22nd, 2023

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