How to Get Tier 5 Weapons in Shatterline

Find out how to unlock Tier 5 weapons!

by Kara Phillips


Shatterline‘s early access gameplay is based on its prominent character abilities and unique gadgets for players to utilize during tense matches. Along the way, you’ll unlock access to higher quality and much stronger weapons than those during the beginning, but they come at a cost. As far as unlocking anything in Shatterline goes, there’s a lot of grinding to be expected, and unlocking the next set of weapons only follows in close pursuit. So read on to find out how you can unlock Tier 5 weapons.

How to Unlock Tier 5 Weapons in Shatterline

The only method to unlock the next Tier of weapons within Shatterline is through gaining experience, which can be earned through playing matches and completing challenges within the game. Each Tier takes 25,000 experience to unlock, meaning Tier 5 is sealed behind a 125,000 experience lock, but the power of the weapons within this factor makes an effort worth it.

Each Tier comes with five new weapons, which provides ample opportunity for you to see which weapon suits your playstyle best. Additionally, any operator can use any weapon. Hence, you can completely customize your gameplay with what feels best and figure out the best combinations of operator and weapon. Customizing weapons also become available during gameplay, given you dedicate your time to leveling up individual weapons. From here, you’ll be able to purchase attachment slots to apply to your favorite weapons.

Mixing several matches with in-game challenges will be the most efficient way to gain experience and climb up the Tiers to the coveted fifth Tier. Outside of this method, there are no ways to increase your weapon tier, so it’s best to start grinding as soon as possible. Collecting the necessary experience may seem like a tedious challenge, but you may find your favorite weapon before unlocking the fifth Tier, and matches will seem like a breeze.

Shatterline is currently in early access on PC via Steam or GeForce Now.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2022

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