How to Get Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Put monsters to sleep with this useful item

by Caleb Stultz


The record-breaking Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak includes a massive amount of content to the already huge game. However, players that are just now getting through the game to get to Elgado and make it to the Jungle area. With tons of new monsters that are in the way between Hunters and the new DLC, some drop useful items necessary to upgrade items like weapons and armor needed to take on Master Rank quests. For those Hunters who want to use Sleep-based weapons to take down monsters, they will need Torpor Sacs. This drop is considered uncommon and may be hard for Hunters to find, especially if they don’t know which monster to hunt down. In this guide, we will show you how to get Torpor Sacs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to Get Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Hunters who are looking to farm Torpor Sacs to make new gear that has Sleep will need to find the Great Baggi, a larger version of the regular Baggi are in the Frost Islands.

Torpor Sacs have a 32% drop rate from the Great Baggi.

So, where do you find the Great Baggi? Hunters can find the Great Baggi in the Frost Islands. If you are looking to upgrade all of your gear to include Sleep, you will need 37 Torpor Sacs in total. Make sure to use Fire-based Element weapons for extra damange. Water and Thunder also do great damage against the blue monster.

If you take on a Village or Hub quest to take down the monster, your odds will increase substantially by 30%, totally a 62% drop drate to get a Torpor Sac from the Great Baggi. Also, if you use Impact-based or ranged weapons and aim for the Great Baggi’s head, you will have another 20% chance of getting a Torpor Sac from the Great Baggi.

Be sure to dodge the sedative spits that the Great Baggi throws at you when fighting it. By doing so, you will have little trouble taking this monster down.

And that is how to get a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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