How to Get Unsullied Heart in V Rising

This is a bit of a rare find, so don't feel discouraged!

by Elliott Gatica


With how quickly V Rising is gaining traction on Steam, people are looking to sink a few hundred hours into the newest craze given the game drought going on right now. Because of that, people are also going to want to do some farming to get the best items and gear. When it comes to some of the later parts of the game, you’ll start to need items to maintain your base. You’ll need the Unsullied Heart item to do that, so here is how you can get them in V Rising.

How to get Unsullied Heart in V Rising

Unlike other items you can get in the game through dedicated means, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Unsullied Hearts. While Blood Essence can easily be obtained from drinking blood from most creatures, Greater Blood Essence will require a bit more, including that Unsullied Heart.

In fact, you’ll need four hearts for the Greater Essence, but as of now, it seems as if the elusive item is only found by killing higher-leveled enemies and bosses. The best way to possibly go about this is to use a Blood Altar. This can help locate bosses that are within your Gear Score range. Preferably, you want to be at the least in the early 20s and higher to increase your chances of getting an Unsullied Heart.

Of course, you can just rely on using normal Blood Essence in the meantime since the drop rates are rather disheartening. Just make note of when you actually acquire the highly sought-out Unsullied Hearts in the meantime.

You can also just take your time by increasing your gear score so you can be more up to snuff when taking on the various bosses or acquiring all sorts of materials to help fortify your Castle.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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