How to Hit Players With a Paper Bomb Kunai in Fortnite

This new Naruto Mythic weapon can be found in one specific location.

by Diego Perez


Naruto and the members of Team 7 have arrived in Fortnite along with new quests, and one challenge requires players to hit players with a Paper Bomb Kunai. This is a new weapon added to the game in the most recent update, so players may not know where to find it. It’s a Mythic weapon, so it’s fairly rare and only appears in a few locations. If you want to complete Kakashi’s punchcard though, you’ll need to find it and deal some damage with it. Here’s where you can find a Paper Bomb Kunai in Fortnite.

Paper Bomb Kunai Location

Paper Bomb Kunai is a Mythic weapon that can be purchased from Kakashi for 150 Gold. He only has three of them in stock and they come in stacks of three, meaning you can get up to nine at once if you buy all of them. Kakashi is located near the stone pillars across the lake to the north of Misty Meadows.

You can also find Paper Bomb Kunai in chests scattered around the island, but they’re quite rare since they’re a Mythic weapon. They’re not quite as rare as the Venom and Carnage Symbiotes were, but don’t expect to see them as often as standard weapons.

How to Hit Players With a Paper Bomb Kunai in Fortnite

The Paper Bomb Kunai is a throwable item just like a normal grenade, so you’ll have to aim your shots carefully. It travels much further than a grenade though, so you should be able to hit targets that are fairly far away. If you manage to hit a target with one directly, then the Kunai will explode on impact. If you miss, then it will explode after a short duration.

It only does 30 damage though, so scoring an elimination with one could prove to be difficult. Since it’s an explosive weapon, however, it’s great for taking down walls and harassing opponents who are hiding behind builds.

Kakashi’s Punchcard quest only requires you to hit players with the Paper Bomb Kunai though, so you don’t technically have to eliminate anyone. As long as you deal damage to someone either with a direct hit or an explosion, it’ll count for the quest. After hitting three people, you’ll complete the quest and move onto the next part of Kakashi’s Punchcard.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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