How to Increase O2 and Stamina in Starfield

Find out here how you can increase or restore your O2 in Starfield!

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield O2 How to Increase and Restore Stamina
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Oxygen is precious when braving the vacuum of space, and in Starfield, it’s an ever-present core asset to your character’s survival. This is unsurprising, especially with the varying breathable atmospheres of the many worlds you’ll encounter in your playthrough. Your energy and your health meter are directly tied to this resource, as a stark reminder that even protective spacesuits have limits. Here’s how you can increase and maintain your O2 and stamina in Starfield!

How to Increase and Restore O2 and Stamina in Starfield

You can increase your base O2 by adding the Fitness skill, which in turn influences your overall stamina in Starfield. This is the simplest, most direct way to have persistently better oxygen reserves. However, you can also get Rank 3 in Gymnastics to be able to restore O2 by mantling, and the Nutrition skill which makes food and drinks more effective.

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What Food, Drinks, and Pharmaceuticals Increase or Restore O2?

Generally, you can expect drinks, particularly coffee but also juices and caffeinated beverages, to restore O2. Starfield players might also be pleased to know some medications you can craft in the game will give you increased base O2, or even cure ailments hindering its recovery. However, alcohol, like Alien Liquor, can decrease O2, so be careful what you ingest.

Examples of Drinks That Restore or Increase O2 in Starfield

  • Boom Pop! (+10% Recovery for 3m)
  • Can-Uck Double Double (+18% Recovery for 3m)
  • Drink Pack: Orange Juice (+8 Base O2 for 5m)

Examples of Medications That Increase Oxygen

  • Boosted Injector (+20% Recovery for 5m)
  • Boudicca (+30 Base O2 for 3m)
  • Penicillin X (+20 Base O2 for 2m)
  • Snake Oil (+20% Recovery for 2m)

You can craft many of these medications at pharmaceutical stations, or purchase them such as from Reliant Medical. They’re handy, and Snake Oil in particular you can make pretty early on. You can even find some gear like boost packs that have Oxygen Reserve traits, so there are lots of options. Just make sure you’re not over-encumbered, as this will drain O2 over time.

There’s even a special ability you can gain to create an oxygen field around you, enabling sprints without spending O2, acquired in the main quest. But that one you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, as a Canadian: while I appreciate the representation and the Tim Hortons double double in the form of Can-Uck, I have some minor issues. The idea of canned coffee or bacon is fine, but tourtiere and pancakes sound positively dystopian this way. Just had to get that out there.

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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