How to Increase Pulse Cell Uses in Lies of P

This guide will cover how to increase Pulse Cell Uses in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Increase Pulse Cells in Lies of P
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The difficulty in Lies of P is high, so it’s important you have as much health as possible. You can do this by leveling your Vitality stat, as well as increasing the amount of Pulse Cells you can carry. Players only start with three, so it is crucial to increase this number. This guide will cover increasing Pulse Cell use in Lies of P.

How to Add More Pulse Cells in Lies of P

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Players can increase the number of Pulse Cells in Lies of P in a couple of ways. First, specific parts in the main story will reward you with Pulse Cells, for example, after defeating the second boss. Another Pulse Cell is rewarded later in the game after the King of Puppets boss. So, in other words, follow the main story, and you won’t miss the chance to increase the number of Pulse Cells you can carry.

On the other hand, players can increase the amount of Pulse Cells by unlocking the abilities in the P-Organ skill tree. The P-Organ becomes available to the player early in the main story and can be found in Geppetto’s office in Hotel Krat. You need to find Quartz to unlock slots in the P-Organ, meaning you may have to find one first. Quartz is found in the game world, usually in hidden spots or after defeating a boss.

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The good news is that an addition of a Pulse Cell is one of the first unlockable slots in the P-Organ, meaning you don’t have to progress to the higher slots. The bad news is that you must find two Quartz to complete the slot and officially unlock the new Pulse Cell. As you get further into the P-Organ, additional slots will open that you can insert Quartz into for even more Pulse Cells.

To summarize, you can get more Pulse Cells by progressing through the main story and the P-Organ skill tree. It took me around 25 hours, but now I have 8 Pulse Cells at my disposal. Be patient; soon, you’ll be stacked and prepared for the end game.

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2023

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