How to Join the First Descendant Beta

Here is how you can join The First Descendant beta.

by Christian Bognar
The First Descendant Beta
Image: Nexon Games

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended showed off a lot of upcoming games. Nexon Games went into detail about its upcoming game, The First Descendant — where it also announced a beta test coming soon. The First Descendant Beta will be cross-platform when it becomes available in August 2023, and we are taking sign-ups now. This guide will cover how to join The First Descendant beta.

How to Sign Up for The First Descendant Beta

Those interested can join The First Descendant beta by heading to the official website for the game. Once on the game’s website, players can select their preferred platform and sign up for the beta. Choosing a platform will require an email address, where the team at Nexon will thank you for applying and then send an email letting you know that you have successfully applied for the beta.

The following steps are still being determined, as the email states, “Before the test starts, detailed information will be sent to the email you have submitted.” The official start date for the cross-platform beta is August 22 through August 28, 2023. So it is likely that those interested will receive another email with more information at the beginning of August or late July at the latest.

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If you want more information about The First Descendant, the same page on the website also allows you to sign up for a subscription to their website. This subscription will send more information to your email and keep you up to date with everything you need to know regarding the new cooperative third-person shooter.

The First Descendant Gameplay First Look

Watch the video attached below to check out the official gameplay from Xbox Showcase Extended. In the video, players can get an in-depth look at the fast-paced action, filled with robots and intense shooting mechanics requiring solid teamwork with friends.

That’s all you need to know regarding joining First Descendant’s upcoming beta. The beta will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on Steam.

- This article was updated on June 13th, 2023

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