How to Kill Ducks in Hunt: Showdown

Check out how to kill ducks in Hunt: Showdown.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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During your endeavors within the depths of danger-infected Louisiana Bayou in Hunt: Showdown, you and your squad will be tasked with completing various tasks, which may in some cases include killing many targets, from mutated creatures to peaceful animals like ducks. With that said, and given the fact that although fragile, the ducks can’t be considered extremely tricky to kill, here’s how to kill ducks in Hunt: Showdown.

How to Kill Ducks in Hunt: Showdown

As pointed out by players on both Reddit and on the game’s discussion forum Stream, the best ways to kill ducks in Hunt: Showdown can be done by either using poison crossbow bolts or explosives and flammable objects.

With that said, while the poisoned bolts will allow you to hit the ducks relatively quietly and from a distance, all while guaranteeing that you will get a kill even if they become scattered following the impact of the shot, we recommend that you always go for the lanterns and Fire Bombs, as they will immediately kill all of the ducks in their proximity upon impact.

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How to Get the Fire Bomb in Hunt: Showdown

You can get the Fire Bomb in Hunt: Showdown by purchasing it for 18 Dollars. Like other handy consumables such as the Eask Vitality Shot, as well as good starter melee and overall weapons like the Axe and the Nagant M1895, you will be able to get the bomb from the get-go.

The bomb’s enhanced variants, Liquid Fire Bomb and Hellfire Bomb, on the other hand, can be purchased for 23 and 70 dollars after you use the fire bomb 5 times, and use any kind of fire item 25 times after unlocking the Liquid Fire Bomb respectively.

- This article was updated on August 1st, 2023

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