Hunt Showdown 2023 Weapon Tier List: 10 Best Weapons to Use in Hunt Showdown Ranked

Here are the top 10 best weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

by Christian Bognar
Hunt Showdown Best Weapons Ranked
Image: Crytek

You may be wondering which guns are best in Hunt: Showdown. There is a large amount to choose from, each catering to a different type of playstyle for the players. Without a doubt, ten standout guns are considered the best — and this article will go over them and explain why they are considered top-tier. Here are the ten best guns in Hunt: Showdown, ranked.

10 Best Weapons to Use in Hunt: Showdown, Ranked

With so many gun options for hunters, knowing which one to pick can be challenging. Hopefully, this guide helps you in making a decision. Here are the top 10 best weapons in Hunt: Showdown ranging from excellent to the best in the game. Tier grid provided for a quick overview of all ranking.

SWinfield Slate Shotgun, Martini-Henry IC1, Mosin Nagant.
ACrossbow, Romero, The Bomb Lance, Scottfield Model 3.
BVetterly Karabiner, The Caldwell Conversion Pistol, The Dolch Pistol.

10. B Tier – Vetterly Karabiner

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Sometimes having a gun that is good enough for any situation but not the best in one particular area is an advantage in its own right. Vetterli Karabiner does precisely that, where it can succeed in every situation the game throws at you — but isn’t crowned the king in any particular area. What I mean by this is that it has good range and can handle close-quarters combat well — but lacks the high damage that other options on this list have. If you’re looking for a gun to get you out of any pickle you might find yourself in, Vetterli Karabiner is a good option.

9. B Tier – The Caldwell Conversion Pistol

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Given to players early in the game, The Caldwell Conversion Pistol boasts high accuracy — making it a reliable secondary weapon. This is considered one of the best in the game because it is possibly the best gun to dual-wield. This gun’s precision without aiming down sights makes two Caldwell Conversion Pistols perfect when paired. It also has a second variant that replaces its standard ammo for rifle ammo, which can potentially increase its damage output.

8. B Tier – The Dolch Pistol

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Want a secondary weapon that is semi-automatic? Sign me up! The Dolch Pistol doesn’t provide the most significant damage, but its high fire rate makes up for its lack. Unloading a clip from the Dolch Pistol into an enemy is enough to kill them, and having two of them equipped will make the enemy’s death come even quicker. It can be challenging to master, but if you’re someone who typically aims really well, you can find yourself getting a ton of kills with this pistol.

7. A Tier – Crossbow

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

In my opinion, stealth is one of the most fun ways to play Hunt: Showdown. You need a great weapon to pair with the stealth playstyle, and there is no better option than the Crossbow. With high damage and a silent approach — the Crossbow can be a deadly option for those looking to take enemies out from the shadows. What makes this silent weapon so great is the variety of ammo types, ranging from explosive, standard, and even shotgun variants.

6. A Tier – Romero

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

The Romero has to make the list since it is provided to players right from the start, at level 1. While it isn’t the best shotgun in the game, it gives a massive advantage at a lower level — boasting severe damage, high range, and a spread that can hit more than one enemy at once. The only downfall for the Romero shotgun is that you’ll have to reload it after every shot, sometimes making it a pain. Still, it is a great shotgun, perfect for those just starting.

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5. A Tier – The Bomb Lance

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re looking for a weapon that can take enemies out from a decent range while acting as a melee weapon in close quarters — The Bomb Lance is for you. Better yet, it has two melee options that offer light and heavy damage, with the latter taking more time to execute — but with the right timing, it can deal a devastating blow to an unaware enemy. If melee isn’t your thing, then feel free to shoot off bombs and watch them explode. The multi-purpose of this gun makes it one of the best weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

4. A Tier – Scottfield Model 3

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Want to feel like a gunslinger from the West? The Scottfield Model 3 will have your back. This revolver is given to players right off the bat, at level 1, and provides a quick reload speed due to its animation of releasing the whole cartridge simultaneously. I wouldn’t recommend this revolver being your primary weapon, as it fits better in the secondary slot — specifically with The Bomb Lance. It is one of the best secondary weapons in the game, where you can bring this bad boy into a room full of enemies and use its Spitfire ability to take them all out.

3. S Tier – Winfield Slate Shotgun

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Shotguns are known for their brutal power and high damage output, but the Winfield Slate shotgun takes that to the next level. It stands out as a shotgun because it can fire off more than one shot at a time while being extremely quick to do so. Each bullet can take out an enemy in one shot — and due to its speed — it can take out more than one enemy in a blink of an eye. The range is pretty good here, too, making it the best shotgun in Hunt: Showdown — especially for defeating Rotjaw!

2. S Tier – Martini-Henry IC1

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Having a high reload speed is one of the essential traits for a gun — especially in a game as fast-paced as Hunt: Showdown. The Martini-Henry IC1 has one of the fastest reload speeds in the game, along with bullets that can take enemies out from a very long range. This is your best friend when it comes to sniping foes from afar and getting a ton of bullets out quickly due to how quickly you can put in a new clip. It is highly recommended to have an excellent secondary weapon paired with the Martini-Henry IC1 — mainly because it doesn’t do so great in close-quarters combat.

1. S Tier – Mosin Nagant

Image: Crytek / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

The Mosin Nagant is a top-tier weapon with some of the highest damage output out of all the options on this list. That damage is paired nicely with its capability of shooting over large distances — making taking enemies out from afar a cakewalk. What makes this weapon so great, though, is the fact that it comes in more than one variant. There’s an automatic, a compact version, and one with a scope — allowing each player to enjoy it without compromising their type of playstyle.

- This article was updated on July 5th, 2023

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