How to Leave Dungeons Quickly in Diablo 4

Are you wanting to leave a dungeon faster in Diablo 4?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 has plenty of features that you may not know about early in your playthrough such as a quicker way to leave dungeons. After you have just defeated a challenging dungeon boss, the last thing you’d want to do is try and work out how to actually exit the place — even if you are elated with what loot you got! This article will take you through how to leave dungeons quickly in Diablo 4.

Leaving Dungeons Fast in Diablo 4 | The Quickest Way

To leave dungeons in Diablo 4 quickly, open up the emote wheel and select the “Leave Dungeon” option on the screen. This will be in one of the wheel segments to the left. All you need to learn for this is how to actually open up the emote wheel, listed below are the buttons/keys you need.

  • PC — Press the E key
  • PlayStation, Xbox, and any other controller — Press Up on the D-Pad

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It should be noted that you will need to first complete the dungeon before you can use the Leave Dungeon functionality. This means you will have to continue your general Dungeon progression before you can take advantage of the feature. We would highly recommend sticking around until the end of the Dungeon anyways to obtain as much precious loot as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Leaving a Dungeon Via the Emote Wheel?

Using the emote wheel to leave the Dungeon will ensure you don’t have to spend an extra four or so minutes venturing back to the start of a dungeon to leave. Furthermore, some may choose to teleport back to a town instead which (again) puts a spanner in your planned travels after the dungeon if you want to explore more near the dungeon’s area on the map.

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More often than not, you will find using the emote wheel to leave is the most effective choice. It is quick and simple, letting you get back to your general travels easier. Unless you loved a dungeon’s design and wanted to travel back through it, we think the emote wheel is what you should use to leave.

- This article was updated on June 5th, 2023

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