How to Level Weight Lifting Fast in Starfield

Check out how to level up Weight Lifting fast in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
Level up Weight Lifting fast in Starfield
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Are you trying to level your Weight Lifting perk fast in Starfield? We have the guide for you. Becoming overweight is one of the biggest annoyances the game offers. Still, the Weight Lifting perk makes it more manageable, allowing you to carry more items and gear before becoming over-encumbered. This guide will explain how to level Weight Lifting fast in Starfield.

Fastest Way to Level Weight Lifting in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can level up the Weight Lifting perk by sprinting for several meters while having their maximum load capacity at 75% or more. Each rank for this perk requires more meters, meaning it can take a lot of time for you to reach the master level. The best way to level up Weight Lifting fast in Starfield is by crafting an aid item called “Amp,” which increases your movement speed by 35% for 2 minutes. Using this item will allow you to cover more ground while sprinting, in other words, more meters.

Players can craft the Amp aid item by heading to any Pharmaceutical Lab in the game. The one I used for this experiment was located on the lodge’s second floor in New Atlantis, so feel free to use that one. You can also get a Pharmaceutical Lab installed into your ship.

Amp ingredients consist of 1 Toxin, 2 Argon, and 1 Metabolic Agent. You can buy all of these items from Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis and other vendors across the galaxy.

As for the weight capacity requirement for the Weight Lifting perk, just make sure you pick up and loot a lot of items and reach 75% of your total Weight. So, for example, if your load capacity is 135kg, you need at least 102kg in your inventory while sprinting.

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All Ranks for Weight Lifting in Starfield

As you continue to purchase Amp and use it to sprint for more meters, you should know how many meters each rank requires for the Weight Lifting perk. Below, you will find each rank and the requirement to rank up.

  • Rank 1 – 1 Skill Point
  • Rank 2 – 1 Skill Point + Sprint for 1000 meters while at 75% or more of your maximum load capacity.
  • Rank 3 – 1 Skill Point + Sprint for 2500 meters while at 75% or more of your maximum load capacity.
  • Rank 4 – 1 Skill Point + Sprint for 5000 meters while at 75% or more of your maximum load capacity.

Continue to craft the item Amp and invest skill points into the ranks, and you should reach the top level for Weight Lifting in no time!

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2023

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