How to Make a Counter Skill Card in Persona 5 Royal

Don't think too much about how many Personas you might itemize.

by J.R. Waugh
Persona 5 Royal Counter Skill Card
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Persona 5 Royal makes use of its iconic Persona fusion and creation system effectively to empower players wanting to experience the game how they choose. However, there are certain quests in the game, such as to improve your Strength Confidant ranking, where you must create certain Personas with certain skills. One way or another, you’ll find yourself in need of the Counter Skill Card in Persona 5 Royal, and we’re here to tell you it’s easy once you know what to use.

How Do You Craft a Counter Skill Card in Persona 5 Royal?

To craft a Counter Skill Card in Persona 5 Royal you simply need to use the Itemize Personas feature on Naga (Hermit) in the Velvet Room. You can find Naga in the Fourth Palace (the Pyramid) or throughout Mementos. Additionally, you can create Naga through Normal Fusion by combining the following recommended pair:

  • Sudama (Hermit, LVL 17)
  • Koh-i-Noor (Priestess, LVL 25)
  • Persona-5-Royal-Counter-Skill-Card-Electric-Chair
  • Persona-5-Royal-Counter-Skill-Card-Itemize-Naga
  • Persona-5-Royal-Counter-Skill-Card-Naga
  • Persona-5-Royal-Counter-Skill-Card-Koh-i-Noor
  • Persona-5-Royal-Counter-Skill-Card-Sudama

There are numerous other fusions you can undertake but this one can be completed relatively early and for a low cost. As always, instead of fusing these, you may have already encountered or captured Naga in the past, so be sure to check the Register/Summon Personas option, as it only costs ¥7,852 to summon.

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Either way, you’ll then be able to itemize them (don’t think too much about how many of these you’re sending to the electric chair to get your cards.)

Do You Need Materials to Craft Skill Cards?

Typically you’ll need a Blank Card to inherit Skill Cards, so you can’t Itemize without these. You can get them anywhere in the game using many methods, including purchasing at shops, finding in chests, and even through negotiating with Shadows you corner in battle. You can then freely use these on your Personas in order to enhance them, for show or for battle.

- This article was updated on April 14th, 2023

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