How to Make Money With Poetics in Final Fantasy XIV: Best Items to Exchange for Gil

Turn your max-level dungeon runs into profit.

by J.T. Isenhour


When you reach max-level with a job in Final Fantasy XIV, you start to be offered Tomestones as rewards for running end-game content. With another currency for you to lose track of, you will soon find your wallet full of 2,000 Tomestones and might want to turn them into some Gil. However, you will want to maximize your profits. Let’s go over the best ways you can turn Tomestones into Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

Best Items to Buy for Tomestones and Sell for Gil

Unless you want to just simply buy some random vendor trash to quickly turn your Tomestones, you will need to buy items and then throw them up on the market board. This will take a bit of time and means that the prices of items will vary depending on your server.

The first item you can buy with tombstones is Materia. Materia will always sell and some sell for more than others. When buying Materia you will want to go for Savage Aim and Savage Might Materia. These tend to sell for the most. After those, you can go for Quickarm and Quicktongue Materia as they sell for the next highest prices.

You will not want to buy only one type of Materia or if you do you will want to put it up on the market board in small batches of two or three per order. This is because Final Fantasy XIV’s market board system requires a player to buy a full order, if you put up 10 Materia for 200 Gil each, someone will have to buy all 10 for 2,000 Gil. A player will rather pay 201 Gil for the three Materia they want over buying your 2,000 Gil worth of Materia.

After Materia, you can look toward crafting materials. Some of the high-tier items, like the best job foods, will require stuff bought with Tomestones. So many crafting players will simply buy the items off the market and then sell the finished product to make a profit over going and getting the Tomestones themselves. This is where you will need to do a little bit of legwork or website browsing to find out what is currently selling on your server.

You can also try to sell Orchestrion Rolls, but this is not always going to work. Sure at some point, someone may buy the Orchestrion Roll and it would be insane profit if you manage to sell all of the Orchestrion Rolls you can buy. But they could take months to sell if they ever sell at all. Overall this is only an option if you just want to throw items up on the market and forget about them.

Your final option for turning your Tomestones into Gil is to simply buy vendor trash. These are items that no one has a use for and you are just going to turn around and sell them to the first vendor you come across. This will net you the worst conversion rate, but it will instantly turn your Tomestones into Gil. If you choose to go this route, you will want to buy either Goblinol or Goblacquer and sell those. Both of these items will sell for 64 Gil to any vendor which is the most you can get out of any item for poetics.

You could still throw those items on the market if you want, then when you really need the Gil you could take down what hasn’t sold and sell it to a vendor. Either way, the choice is yours. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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