The Best Food for Every Job in Final Fantasy XIV

can't kill gods on an empty stomach

by J.T. Isenhour


When it comes to stat increases in Final Fantasy XIV, there are only a few ways to make your stats stand out from others. Getting the top of the line armor, melding the best material in, and eating the best food for your job are really the only ways to boost your stats beyond normal. But with all the food in the game and all the different stat combinations boosted by that food, anyone would easily be overwhelmed. Let’s go over the best food for each job in Final Fantasy XIV.

Best Food For Tanks in Final Fantasy XIV

For tank jobs, you will want to focus on increasing your Vitality and Tenacity. Having more Vitality will increase your max health, while increased Tenacity leads to an increase in your defenses. Having both of these stats increased is pivotal for a tank since their whole job is staying alive through any dungeon or raid. Since food items provide three stats you can pick up Determination as your third stat on food. This will boost the amount of damage that you do which can help with clearing difficult content.

With this in mind, the best food for tanks will be Scallop Salad or Scallop Curry.


  • Scallop Salad – Tenacity +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Determination +8% (Max 43)
  • Scallop Curry – Determination +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Tenacity +8% (Max 43)

Which food you pick comes down to if you want more damage or higher defense.

Best Healer Foods in Final Fantasy XIV

When it comes to healer jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, you have a few options to pick from. Vitality is something you should always pick since it increases your total health and allows you to live longer. After that, you can choose between Spell Speed to cast heals quicker, Piety to increase the amount you heal for, or Critical Hit to increase your critical hit chance and how much it improves your damage or healing.

This makes the best food for healers to eat be Thavnairian Chai, Peach Tart, and Peach Juice.


  • Thavnairian Chai – Critical Hit +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Spell Speed +8% (Max 43)
  • Peach Tart – Spell Speed +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Piety +8% (Max 43)
  • Peach Juice – Piety +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Determination +8% (Max 43)

You’re left with a choice when it comes to healer food, you can either go for increasing your spell speed and bank on critical heals, or increase your spell speed and increase your heals by a set amount. But if you feel like your spell speed is just fine or don’t need to worry about spell speed as Sage does, you could go for extra damage which benefits Sage as well. This is what puts Sage at the top of the healer tier list.

Best Food For DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a few options for DPS jobs that you can pick from depending on what kind of DPS you are. If you are a magical DPS then you will want to go for Spell Speed and Direct Hit Rate. You could trade out the direct hit rate for Critical Hit if that is more your style.

The food you will be looking to pick up is Thanvnairian Chai or Sykon Cookies. While Thanvnairian Chai was on the list of food for healers, you can also be used by Magical DPS as it offers spell speed and an increase in damage.


  • Thavnairian Chai – Critical Hit +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Spell Speed +8% (Max 43)
  • Sykon Cookies – Spell Speed +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 43)

These foods won’t work well for your physical DPS, for those jobs, you will want to focus on Skill Speed over spells speed. You will still want to use food that focuses on Direct Hit, Critical Hit, and Determination since all of that helps to boost damage.

This leaves your best food options to be Pumpkin Potage and Pumpkin Ratatouille which is tragically not made by a real rat. your choice will come down to if you want more Skill Speed or if you want more Determination.

  • Pumpkin Potage -Determination +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Critical Hit +8% (Max 43)
  • Pumpkin Ratatouille – Critical Hit +8% (Max 72), Vitality +8% (Max 74), Skill Speed +8% (Max 43)

These foods will be your best options for a majority of high-end content. If you do have some kind of niche build that relies on different stats then you will want to look at some of the other high-end foods in the game. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac, and PC.

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