How to Perform a Timed Strike in Gotham Knights

One step closer to Knighthood.

by Elliott Gatica


While the combat feels like a hit or miss in Gotham Knights, there are quite a lot of moves to elevate the overall depth. As part of the many steps to rise to Knighthood, you can take on the various tutorials to not only earn XP, but learn new abilities and level up your play style. Here, we can help you with how exactly to perform a timed strike in Gotham Knights.

How to Perform a Timed Strike in Gotham Knights

To perform a timed strike, you have to press your attack button right as your hit connects with an enemy. You can learn this by going over to the Training Dummy at the Belfry. This can be performed with your ranged and melee attacks. Instead of mindlessly spamming one button until all your opponents are defeated, you can time the attacks to perform chains, knockdowns, and stronger attacks.

This will become more useful when you want to use your Momentum Abilities more. Timed strikes allow you to build more meter. Doing so will make the combat feel more fun. As for the significance of this feature in combat, it has its upsides when attacking or adding pressure on more lethal targets.

Also, you will want to revisit the tutorial for each individual character. To achieve Knighthood status and gain more abilities, including the flying traversal option, you technically have to complete this four times. It might be tedious, but the payout will mostly be worth it in the end.

As this game offers a New Game+ option, the level cap will go beyond 30. You’ll also be able to play through the missions of the game with different characters. The dialogue will be slightly different and you can have the chance of obtaining items at the new level cap.

Finally, if you did complete the timed strike tutorials for each character and got all their abilities, you do not need to do it again in your subsequent playthroughs. All the main tutorials can be skipped and all you have to worry about is the story and leveling.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2022

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