Gotham Knights Level Cap: What is the Highest Level in the Game?

One step closer to being the next Batman.

by Elliott Gatica


With typical RPGs, there will come a point where your power level will taper off. If you were to infinitely gain experience and one-shot everything, the difficulty would be nonexistent. That’s why level caps exist. In terms of Gotham Knights, when do you hit that level cap? What is the highest level you can achieve? We can answer that.

What is the Level Cap in Gotham Knights?

From our extensive gameplay, it seems that 30 is the soft cap. This can easily be achieved if you follow our quick leveling guide. Once you hit 30, you will still gain XP, but it won’t really count for much. However, when starting up New Game +, the level cap goes up to 40.

This means that you can start investing in level 30 gear for now. Start equipping all those Heroic and Legendary gear pieces. Enemies in Gotham City will also scale properly to your level. Unless they are in story missions and side cases, they will still be shown at the levels of what their respective objectives say.

What this also means is that you’ll start to see higher-level premeditated crimes. This will ensure that you can get higher-rarity resources and mods. At this point, it would also be worth it to get the best gear for all your other characters.

Something you should note about the level cap is that you won’t be able to acquire every ability in your characters’ skill trees. Even if you do collect everything in the game and get 100%, you’re going to be short on Ability Points to get every skill on your first playthrough. If you want to ensure that you get as much as you can in Gotham Knights, you want to spec at least one character to have all their abilities unlocked in the Knighthood tree.

While it’s easy to get to 30 and plow through the rest of the game’s content, you may want to wait until getting to New Game + until you have gotten everything. Only then with all collectibles, you can hit 40 which is the true level cap.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 21st, 2022

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