Gotham Knights: Premeditated Crimes and How To Stop Them

by Rob Sperduto


Sometimes it feels like Gotham Knights presents a laundry list of tasks to complete. There are numerous challenges—from Momentum Abilities to Contacts to crafting gear—many of which require you to check off similar objectives: Premeditated Crimes. But what are Premeditated Crimes and why aren’t they appearing on my map? Here’s how to stop Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights.

Everything You Need to Know About Premeditated Crimes

What Are Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights?

Premeditated Crimes are open-world activities in Gotham Knights that require you to thwart the devious plans of criminals. Now that the Bats is dead, numerous Factions of Gotham City (no spoilers!) are more confident than ever and it’s up to you to prevent crime before it gets out of hand.

Premeditated Crimes are listed under Crime activities in the Database where you must prevent various types of heists. Some heists include preventing bank robberies, car jackings, and even daring car chases on your Batcycle.

Players can identify Premeditated Heists by these two symbols: The upside-down triangle with an exclamation point running through, or the upside-down triangle with a question mark. Premeditated Heists can sometimes be found randomly by scanning the open world with your AR.

How to Unlock More Premeditated Crimes

Players can unlock Premeditated Heists in Gotham Knights by collecting Clues around the city. Clues are obtained by stopping basic Crimes, which are denoted by the white Triangle when you scan the open-world.

To find Crimes, ride around Gotham and continuously scan around for criminals — they’re practically everywhere. In order to collect Clues, you must interrogate informants or, simply, beat the baddies up. You can also pick up Clues by defeating criminals during a Premeditated Crime. If you complete a bunch in batch, you’re bound to unlock more when you return to the Belfry.

After finding enough clues, you must return to the Belfry to unlock more Premeditated Crimes. Don’t expect them to just instantly appear on the map after discovering clues — they won’t. You’ll have to return to the Belfry and restart a new patrol for them to appear in the open-world.

Why Do Premeditated Crimes Matter in Gotham Knights?

Premeditated Crimes are one of the most prevalent objectives needed to complete specific Challenges, such as:

  • Knighthood Challenges
  • Momentum Ability Challenges
  • Contact Challenges. 

Knighthood Challenges are especially important to pick away at. Completing these challenges will unlock your Fourth Skill Tree and grant you the ability to fly around Gotham City. You’ll need to check off 10 Premeditated Challenges per character, so switch heroes often and definitely don’t want to save these for the end.

Each hero will also have a Momentum Ability Challenge to complete that requires checking off Premeditated Challenges. Momentum Abilities are special moves designed for your hero and they’re especially useful for defeating heavy enemies like the Freaks Bulldozer.

At some point you will discover Contact challenges. Some of the objectives require you to complete a set amount of Premeditated Crimes. You’ll earn more rewards for completing these challenges, so don’t avoid them either.

Those are just some of the many reasons to complete Premeditated Challenges in Gotham Knights. Although they may feel monotonous at times, it’s well worth the effort to gradually chip away at them across your playthrough. You won’t regret it.

Gotham Knights is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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