How to Download and Play Pokemon 2000 Adventure

Rediscover a long lost Pokémon adventure.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: The Pokémon Company, Cyberworld

Pokémon 2000 Adventure was a flash-based browser game created to promote Pokémon The Movie 2000. The game was shut down shortly after release and became lost media for over two decades. Thanks to the efforts of DidYouKnowGaming, rufus10, and Doomtay, Pokémon 2000 Adventure is available to play once again. This guide covers exactly how to download and play the game, so fans can finally experience this long-lost classic for themselves.

How to Install Pokémon 2000 Adventure

As a two-decade-old time-lost browser game, playing Pokémon 2000 Adventure, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as downloading a single file. To play the game, you’ll need to download a special browser, an old version of Flash Player, and access a server preserving the game.

Don’t worry; this guide provides detailed instructions on how to download and play Pokémon 2000 Adventure, down to the individual buttons you need to click. You can also use the table of contents below to jump to separate parts of the process or skip ahead and read a quick summary.

Table of Contents

How to Download Pokémon 2000 Adventure Browser

  • ZIP-Pokemon-Adventure-2000
  • Cyberworld-Zip

Visit the Cyberworld Assets (Pokemon 2000 Adventure) page on Internet Archive. In the Downloads Section on the right side of the page, click ZIP and then download

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Open the location where you downloaded to. By default, this should be in Downloads, accessible through File Explorer. Right-click and select Extract All, then Extract.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Open the freshly unzipped CYBERWORLD folder and then the second CYBERWORLD folder within it. Open Backup CD #2, then apps, then Pokémon. This displayed as “Poke╠ümon” for me due to Windows’ hatred for accented characters.

Double-click P2K5AD9.exe to download it. As scary as the filename and inevitable Windows Defender warning will be, we can confirm it’s completely safe!

With the download wizard now open, click Next, I Accept (if you do accept), choose a download location, click Next, and Finish. Don’t open the browser just yet; we have another step to complete.

How to Download Clean Flash Player

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Now it’s time to download another scary-looking but perfectly safe .exe file. Clean Flash Player is an old build of Flash Player needed to run Pokémon Adventure 2000. A real flashback to the past, eh?

Download Clean Flash Player through this link. Open cleanflash3400282installer1 and agree to the terms and conditions. Keep clicking next and eventually Install to download CFP.

How to Launch Pokémon Adventure 2000

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Find Pokémon 2000 Browser on your desktop or in the Start Menu. Right-click and select Run as administrator. Ignore any errors that pop up and paste into the address bar. Hit enter, and you’re ready to play Pokémon Adventure 2000!

If you’re unable to get past the (incredibly dated) intro as I was, paste into the address bar instead.

It’s important to note that Pokémon Adventure 2000 is kindly hosted by the uploader (Rufus10) and can be taken down at any time. We recommend reading the Internet Archive page for information on local hosting, which allows you to play the game without relying on an outside host.

Quick Instructions on Downloading and Launching Pokémon 2000 Adventure

  • Download from Internet Archive.
  • Extract the folders.
  • Open CYBERWORLD> CYBERWORLD > Backup CD #2 > apps > Pokémon/Poke╠ümon.
  • Open P2K4AD9.exe and download the browser via the wizard.
  • Download Clean Flash Player.
  • Run Pokémon 2000 Browser as administrator.
  • Paste “” into the address bar and press enter.
    • Paste “” if you’re unable to progress past the intro.

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What is Pokémon 2000 Adventure?

Image: Dr Lava, DidYouKnowGaming

In the late ’90s, Nintendo gave Warner Bros. the go-ahead to create promotional material for the upcoming Pokémon the Movie 2000. Warner Bros. hired Cyberworld to develop a browser-based game, resulting in Pokémon 2000 Adventure.

Pokémon 2000 Adventure was an impressive and innovative game for its time. Players explore semi-3D islands inhabited by 2D Pokémon, overcome obstacles with their team, and collect the spheres of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Collect each sphere, and you’ll receive a printable certificate worthy of LinkedIn.

While laughably dated for today’s standards, Nintendo saw Pokémon 2000 Adventure as a threat and ordered its takedown shortly after release. Thanks to Dr. Lava over at DidYouKnowGaming, we can now play the game in all its early internet glory. You can learn about the complete history of Pokémon 2000 Adventure by watching their video above.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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