How to Pre-Order NBA 2K24 | Release Date, Platforms, and More

NBA 2K24 pre-order guide, including release date, platforms, and more!

by Christian Bognar
Image: 2K and Visual Concepts

NBA 2K24 is a highly anticipated entry into the long-running sports game for basketball fans. With the start of the actual NBA season approaching, there’s no question that the excitement is increasing daily. For players to get right into the action and show skills on the basketball court as soon as possible, fans will want to pre-order as soon as that becomes an option. It’s a good thing you came across this guide, as it will cover everything you need to know regarding NBA2K24, including release dates, pre-order info, platforms, and more!

How to Pre-Order NBA 2K24

It has been confirmed that NBA 2K24 is available for pre-order today July 7, 2023. This information comes from the official NBA 2K Twitter account, which revealed the pre-order date and two editions such as the Kobe Bryant Edition and Black Mamba Edition. It has also been confirmed in the same tweet that Kobe Bryant will be on the cover! You can see the tweet from the official NBA 2K account below.

Black Mamba Edition runs for $99.99, while Kobe Bryant Edition is the standard version and runs for the regular price of $69.99 on next-gen consoles and $59.99 on last-gen. Kobe Bryant was my favorite NBA player, and it warms my heart to see the newest NBA 2K game to pay tribute to the legend of the sport!

NBA 2K24 Release Date Information

NBA 2K24 official release date is September 8, 2023. The usual trend of the past eight entries into the 2K franchise — all released sometime in September, so it only makes sense Visual Concepts, and 2K decided to follow the same pattern. With a confirmation on pre-order and the fact that the game is not far away, it’s time to secure your copy!

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NBA 2K24 Platform Availability

Developer Visual Concepts has confirmed the platform release for NBA 2K24 — including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. These consoles have two editions: Kobe Bryant Edition and Black Mamba Edition. A third edition — 25th Anniversary Edition — will be released on all of the platforms mentioned, except for Nintendo Switch.

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