How to Pre-Register for One Punch Man World

Get a head start in the world of One Punch Man!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Crunchyroll

Fans of a certain Caped Baldy have something to look forward to on their mobile devices. One Punch Man is receiving a brand-new game coming to iPhone, Android, and PC. Titled One Punch Man World, this game will offer intense action-focused combat with iconic heroes from the franchise. Those wishing to check out One Punch Man World can pre-register for the game now, allowing for a chance to try it out before its launch.

Where can Fans Pre-Register for One Punch Man World?

Pre-registering for this action-packed mobile title is as easy as visiting the official website and clicking the “Pre-Register Now” button at the bottom. You’ll be asked to fill in your email address, select your country of origin, and agree to Crunchyroll’s Privacy Policy. Once you’ve done all that, the website will thank you for your support and direct you to the game’s social media pages. All that’s left is to keep an eye out for an email in the future inviting you to try out One Punch Man World!

There’s no concrete release date for the mobile title just yet, so you might have to keep watching for updates in the future. You’ll also want to make sure your device can handle the intense title, as being accepted into any pre-release tests won’t matter if you can’t even run it. Modern Android and iPhone devices should be able to play the game fairly well, and it’s unlikely that any PC would have trouble with it. You should also make sure you free up some space beforehand, as this release promises to be fairly sizeable.

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Though the game only seems to cover season 1 of the One Punch Man anime, it seems like there will be a wide range of content. Fubuki — AKA Blizzard — makes an appearance in some artwork, implying she’ll be part of the playable cast. Saitama is also included as a playable character, though he notably features his pajamas sported in his dream appearance, which possibly means he’ll be a bit more balanced for normal gameplay. There’s plenty to look forward to in this new mobile title, so die-hard fans won’t want to miss out!

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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