How to Pre-Register for Tower of Fantasy

You can pre-register for this experience right now!

by Gordon Bicker


Tower of Fantasy is getting a lot of interest from many players across the world and over two million people have already pre-registered for the title as of the time of writing. This number is getting much closer to two and a half million, however. It is clear to understand why the game has garnered so much interest, it looks absolutely stunning, and there seem set to be bundles of excellent content throughout the experience. Not only that but the game will also be on both Mobile and PC, a brilliant strategy to allow more people to play the game. This guide article will take you through the process of how to pre-register for Tower of Fantasy.

Pre-registering for Tower of Fantasy

In order to pre-register for the game, you will likely first want to make your way to the official website which can be accessed through this link. Technically you can only officially “pre-register” on the Google Play Store. When you are on the website you will be able to observe how many players have currently already pre-registered and the list of rewards that people will be given in the game when a certain number of pre-registrations has been reached.

At the bottom left (in the footer) of the website, you will be able to see store icons and buttons relaying to various platforms and storefronts. If you are wanting to wishlist the game on either Epic Games or Steam, you can do this by pressing on the respective icon and you will be directed to that storefront. However, if you want to pre-order on IOS then you can do the same and press on that icon instead and it will take you to where you need to go. Ultimately you may also choose to simply go on your phone and browse the app store for the game to pre-order that way.

If you are wanting to get a chance at early access to the game, then you will need to pre-register through the Google Play Store (Android), and you can reach the specific area of the store by again pressing the respective icon, this time of the ‘Google Play’ icon. Afterward, simply pre-register on the storefront by pressing the button that says ‘Pre-register’. Time to get prepared for this experience and pre-register to get rewards!

Tower of Fantasy is scheduled for release later this year for the following platforms: Android, IOS, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 22nd, 2022

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