How to Recruit Ahri in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Here's how to get the vastaya on your team!

by Noah Nelson
Ruined King Ahri

Ahri in the Ruined King is a powerful magic wielder great at healing while attacking. Her kit is extremely helpful and versatile. She is a great Champion to have on your team. After she ditches Yasuo at the beginning of the story, you don’t see her for some time. Here is how to recruit Ahri to your team.

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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a wordy title but an excellent game. It was released earlier than expected on Nov. 16 and unlike some other games this year that could’ve used more time in the oven, this game, aside from a bug or two, is an epic, enjoyable adventure. We are updating our guides constantly with more Ruined King content. If you need extra help with how to catch fish, want to know how to beat the Petrified Woods quest, or anything else, this is the place to look.


How to Recruit Ahri in Ruined King

Unsurprisingly at this point, Ahri is recruited to your team as you progress through the story. As the last member of your six-person team, Ahri is found somewhere on the Shadow Isles. You will have to fight (and sneak) your way through enemies to get to her. When you find her cloak, you’ll know you are getting closer to finding her. You’ll run into her around the 10-hour mark or around 50% completion.

Ahri offers a toolkit wholly unique to her powers. She thrives at healing and DPS. While her healing can be stronger than Illaoi’s, it will need to be timed right to make the most of protecting your team. Ahri uses multiple fast and slow spells and has a lot of mana, so don’t be afraid to use those to boost your team and pummel your enemies. Unlike the other Champions, Ahri pops up in the middle of a fight with Maokai, who is a giant tree boss.

How to Defeat Maokai

Maokai can be a tricky boss to beat. Here is a little guide to help you defeat him. Maokai doesn’t attack very often, but when he does, he hits for around 500 damage with Bramble Smash, so be careful of that and have your tank character ready to take a hit. What he will do that makes him nearly impossible to do damage to is use his buffs Tangled Roots and Sturdy Roots. Both of those, while active, will grant Maokai 80% protection against all damage.

The way to remove these buffs once they appear is to use a speed attack to take out Tangled Roots and a power attack to break his Sturdy Roots. Don’t worry about doing heavy damage with these attacks, as 80% will be blocked, just worry about using the least amount of mana with the quickest time. Once his buffs are gone, your tier-two ultimate abilities should be available. With well-timed power attacks and a tier-two ultimate, you should be able to take him down no problem. Once he is defeated, Ahri will break up the fight and join your team.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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