How to Refund Skill Points in Diablo 4

How do you respec in Diablo 4?

by Christian Bognar
Skill Tree Diablo 4
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 early access beta allows players to try out three of the five classes that will be available in the game’s final version. As you reach level 25, the highest the beta will allow players to go, you might make a mistake and decide you want to refund your skill points. The good news is that the game’s skill tree allows players to respec their skills. Read on to find out how to successfully refund your skill points and apply them elsewhere.

How to Respec Skill Points in Diablo 4 Beta

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There are two different ways players can refund their skills, by refunding all skill points or refunding skill points individually. At the bottom of the skill tree menu is an option that states “refund all,” which will wipe all your progress clean from the skill tree and allow you to go a different route.

On the other hand, players can refund skills individually—but this will cost some gold to do so. Currently, players can refund skills up to level 6 for free, but once level 7 comes around, the cost of refunding skills will gradually increase per level. For example, refunding at level 7 will cost one gold per skill—at level 25, it will cost a whopping 222 Gold.

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It is important to note that if you plan to request a refund on a skill that leads to another skill in the tree, you will need to refund both. This is because specific skills are required to go further in the tree, and the game won’t allow you to have any open gaps.

Considering the amount of gold required for refunds gradually increase as you rank higher in Diablo 4, it would be wise to take the time to think before spending your skill points. Mistakes happen, but being too quick to decide on a skill could prevent you from being able to afford it in the future.

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- This article was updated on March 17th, 2023