How to Restart Battles in Triangle Strategy

Can you begin anew within Triangle Strategy? Find out in our helpful guide!

by Shaun Cichacki
Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy, the newest series from longtime publisher Square Enix, offers battles that take place on beautiful hybrid backgrounds, blending beautiful pixel art with gorgeous 3D backgrounds. Taking much inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games, fans of Square Enix’s past efforts will find a lot to love in this new and exciting game.

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However, those who are new to this type of risk vs reward gameplay may be finding themselves asking, “Is there any way to restart a battle?”, and thankfully, we are here today to cover that topic. Let’s dive into how to start a battle over in Triangle Strategy!

Triangle Strategy – How To Restart A Battle


While the aesthetic of the game is charming, this game is not one to take lightly. Battles rage on within the world of Triangle Strategy and will make sure that you feel their impact. While Permadeath is not a factor here, one wrong move can turn the tide of battle in favor of your foes, leaving you to scramble and try to pick up the pieces.

But, can you restart a battle? Currently, there is no in-game option to restart a battle. But, there are ways around this, as a battle can carry on for a while. There is an autosave system that is implemented into the game, so you can continue from that point if your party is eliminated by foes.

But, if you don’t want the humiliation of a loss to weigh on your soul, you can always Soft-Reset the game. What this means, is that you can close out of the game on your Nintendo Switch, and open it back up, to take place at your last autosave. If you were lucky and escaped before you were put in dire straights, you’ll be in smooth sailing. However, the only other option at this time is to continue the fight, no matter the outcome.

Square-Enix is known to check in with their fans and see what can be added to their games, as they turned Final Fantasy XIV from an almost forgotten MMO into one of the most successful. So, if they continue the process of improvement, we may see the option to restart a battle in-game added shortly. However, for now, you can employ the Soft-Reset method to try again, earning yourself a victory in the process.

Triangle Strategy is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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